Jack Bowie Author

J. Craig Wheeler, Author

There's a leak in the Internet. Can one man keep your secrets from escaping?

Ask any security expert about the greatest threat to our interconnected world and they will say it’s not the high-visibility attacks on government and commercial sites, but vulnerabilities in the Internet infrastructure itself: the gateways and routers through which all our information passes.

When cyber-security consultant Adam Braxton is asked by CERT/CC, a federal Internet watchdog organization, to investigate a possible network anomaly, he discovers that the incident’s reporter has been killed, the victim of a terrorist bomb. Suspicious of the circumstances surrounding the death, Braxton decides to continue the investigation on his own.

Aided by a skeptical D.C. cop and a beautiful but mysterious classmate of the victim, Braxton’s search leads from the research laboratories of his previous employer, to the boardroom of a major defense contractor, to the corridors of Congress. He confirms the anomaly and uncovers a conspiracy, formed decades earlier in the classrooms of an elite university, that taps the flow of information on the Internet; a conspiracy that can make fortunes, ruin careers and start wars.

Now targeted by the conspirators, Braxton must go underground to escape the authorities and expose the threat before he becomes its next victim.

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"The story rips along, the characters are well defined, the technical aspects captivate without overwhelming, and in the background there is a loving view of the Eastern corridor."

The Saracen Incident