Someone is selling America’s secrets on the dark web. And they’re willing to destroy anyone who gets in their way.

For over fifty years, America's greatest scientists have met in secret to advise the government on issues of national importance. Their recommendations have changed the course of history.

When cyber-consultant Adam Braxton is asked to brief this group, he is flattered, but then learns he has not been asked to inform them, but to help them locate a turncoat. One of their members is selling national secrets to the highest bidder. And his search cannot involve the government.

Enlisting the aid of his new partner, a beautiful ex-DIA agent, and his investigator, a crusty ex-cop, Braxton digs into the history and lives of this clandestine group, unaware the CIA is already following its own path to the traitor.

Both cases ultimately lead to a familiar enemy, who draws the investigators into a deadly game of deception and revenge. Can Braxton find the traitor and stop the leaks before his friends pay the ultimate price?

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The Jason Betrayal

Jack Bowie Author

The fourth novel in the Adam Braxton Thriller series weaves contemporary events and cutting-edge technology in a non-stop, international thriller that will challenge your understanding of the relationship between politics and science.