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The Langley Profile

A biotech with an explosive secret. An army of child assassins. An investigator who’s running out of time.

There’s a new Middle East Anti-terrorism Accord, but not everyone is happy. The signers are being ingeniously assassinated. By children.

Cyber-consultant Adam Braxton has built a successful business catering to the information security needs of government agencies. And exposing some of Washington’s darkest secrets along the way. When he is asked by the CIA to perform an audit on a Boston biotechnology company, he sees it as a routine, and profitable, assignment. But then he is framed for the murder of one of the company’s employees. By a child.

Braxton escapes to Europe to clear his name and uncovers a trail of lies and betrayal that leads to an army of child-assassins. Aided by his CIA employer and a beautiful ex-DIA agent, he must discover how the genetic technology of the biotech links to the assassins, and how to stop the murder of the remaining signer of the Accord: his President.

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“Jack Bowie is fast developing a reputation as a superb author who can keep his readers on the edge of their seats as he weaves a spellbinding mystery. [The Langley Profile] is an intriguing story of revenge, murder, a serious threat on the life of the US president and stability of the peace accord in the Mideast. … You won’t be able to put it down.”

The Langley Profile