Jack Bowie Author

They asked for his help to find a terrorist. Why does his government now want to silence him?

America’s militia groups are executing coordinated and increasingly deadly attacks. The threat is real but the vaunted U.S. intelligence community has no idea what is happening. Their best hope to find the answer is Adam Braxton, a cyber-security specialist who also happens to hate the FBI and CIA.

But when Braxton’s ex-wife is murdered, he vows to find those responsible, and forms an alliance-of-convenience with a scheming CIA agent and an attractive coworker from his ex-wife’s secretive high-tech employer. Together they uncover a web of domestic terrorism and political assassination.

As Braxton nears the truth, his investigation puts him in the crosshairs of the intelligence establishment and a psychotic mercenary, both committed to ending his activities, one way or another. Can he stay alive long enough to find who is pulling the strings in this frightening conspiracy?

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Amazon Reader

“A fast-moving nail-biter combining terrorism, treason, D.C. inter-agency intrigues, and numerous high-tech nuggets into an intricately-woven plot.  This riveting mystery holds the reader spellbound from start to finish."

The Liberty Covenant